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Good morning!

My name is Kjell Doucet, founder of By Doucet.
I would like to tell you where the idea of baking granola came from.

Well, this whole concept came about last year. At that time, I had just started my own catering company. Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, we had to put it on hold. All events were cancelled, the catering industry had to close down and the whole country had to go into lockdown. This, of course, is not very convenient for a starting caterer, so I had to think of something else.

At home, I was taught a healthy lifestyle from an early age. In our family, it was a must to get enough exercise and eat healthy. Thanks to my parents, I have maintained this lifestyle to this day. I love running, my favourite hobby is swimming and I regularly go mountain biking with my dad. 

A good sportsman or woman should of course start the day with a hearty and balanced breakfast. My girlfriend and I used to both start our day with a bowl of yoghurt, fruit and of course granola for a nice crunch. When we went to the shops to buy granola, we often found it difficult to choose the right one. Since we both like a healthy lifestyle, we prefer the most natural granola, but this was often hard to find. That is why we had the idea to develop our own granola.

Usually, granola contains a lot of added and refined sugars and only has a commercial purpose. Therefore, many people prefer to make their own granola.  

My girlfriend Diana and I went looking for the ideal composition and baking methods together.  I went to buy all the ingredients we needed and on the weekends we were baking granola together. Then she came up with the idea that I could sell granola with the catering company. 

We were brainstorming different compositions and tried them all out. We did not really like the first compositions, we were not fully convinced yet. We then took a completely different approach. Away from the classic compositions and with different ingredients. This is how the granolas of By Doucet came to be as they are today.