What's the fuss about?

By Doucet launches a series of granolas'! The granolas' come in three flavours, something for everyone.

What is the difference with the granolas' from the big players? Our products are honest: pure, without preservatives and superfluous ingredients.

We offer you the opportunity to taste what you already know, but then better and more refined.

Start your day with us


In order to keep the quality as high as possible, we only work with full-fledged, not processed and organically cultivated products. This is how we guarantee that every bite is both natural and full of flavour.


Our goal is to make our products as healthy as possible for you. For example, our sugar content is on average 6.8%, which is up to 55% less sugar than some of the supermarket granolas' you can buy.

The day

A quick, healthy and easy way to start the morning full of energy. Whether you like it with milk, yoghurt, a smoothie bowl or soup, it is all possible. Enjoy it!